Quickly issue branded cards and accounts for your customers

An agile banking as a service platform designed to fit into your business

Our Banking as a Service product allows clients to design highly customized embedded finance products ( such as cards, accounts, regulated KYC processes) to complement their existing platforms.

All solutions are branded to our clients, bringing you even closer into your end customers´ everyday lives. 

We service everyone from high growth fintechs issuing their first rewards card to legacy banks reaching a new wave of customers.

Banking as a Service – ACCOUNTS

  • European IBANs
  • Locally compliant KYC and KYB built-in
  • Sanctions and PEP screening
Qenta API
Qenta API

Banking as a Service – CARD PROGRAMS

  • Virtual and / or physical card programs – all cobranded to you and VISA
  • Prepaid, debit and credit cards
  • Dynamic spend control – everything you need in one dashboard
  • KYC, risk and fraud modules fully integrated (Sanctions and PEP Screening, 3DS, transaction monitoring)
  • Chargeback management

Banking as a Service – CUSTOM MODULES

All our services are connected via lightweight APIs – giving us simply building blocks to create the banking products you design. Engineered to get you to market fast—and scale as you grow. 

We design highly secure banking products that can quickly be customized to whatever you dream up.

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QENTA - Your technical payment service provider from Austria. As an Austrian technical payment service provider, we have been offering you the latest technologies in cashless payment processing for more than 20 years. Qenta Payments CEE is a division of Qenta Inc, a programmable money & access financial services & technology platform.



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