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As a QENTA Payment CEE customer, we invite you to move from printed to conventient electronic invoicing.

  • Your benefits:
  • Saves time – your electronic invoice is sent as PDF attachement to the E-mail address you have specified!
  • Saves the environment
  • Conventient – easy to archive and manage!
  • Entitlement to deduct input tax – qualified electronic signature
  • Service is free-of-charge
  • Please notice that the electronic invoice is only available for austrian customers.

Please return the E-Billing form via Fax +43 316 813681-1203 or via E-Mail

Technical integration

For integration of our QPay Checkout Page and QMore Checkout Seamless please have a look in our Online Guides


You can find all the important information about our solutions in our factsheets. These are available for you to download and are regularly updated.

QPay Checkout Page – Factsheet

QCall Checkout Terminal – Factsheet

QMore Checkout Seamless – Factsheet


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QENTA - Your technical payment service provider from Austria. As an Austrian technical payment service provider, we have been offering you the latest technologies in cashless payment processing for more than 20 years. Qenta Payments CEE is a division of Qenta Inc, a programmable money & access financial services & technology platform.



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