Payment Integration and test QENTA  solutions

It is important to us that you can test and try out QENTA’s payment products and payment services. In this way you can get an exact picture of the efficiency, flexibility and integration ability of the payment solutions we offer.

Your advantages:

  • Test all products with their full functionality
  • Free support also in test mode
  • No termination necessary after the test integration
  • No contract

All technical information about payment integration for developers

QENTA Payment Integration Guide Documentation

All technical details and integration aids for the payment page can be found in our detailed online guide, the user manual for payment integration



QENTA Payment Plugins on GitHubPayment integration via GitHub

Overview of all payment shop extensions



Have you implemented the QENTA solutions QPay Checkout Page or QMore Checkout Seamless?

Then click here for technical information.

Open Payment at QENTA Payment CEE

All solutions are available as open source software.

QENTA Payment CEE lives the idea of open payment. In accordance with this orientation, shop extensions, integration examples and solutions for programmers, dealers and integrators are continuously published on developer platforms free of charge.

Payment solutions can be developed together with the community on the cutting edge. Every developer can use the open software solutions and also contribute to improving them.

The community is heavily involved from the start of development over the entire life cycle. By taking the feedback into account, the further development of the payment solutions is supported and simplified. Integrators benefit from the transparency, the easy and unhindered access to the solutions, their extensive documentation and the daily updated source code.

QENTA’s open source solutions are available on GitHub and free of charge.

Benefits of payment integration via GitHub:

  • Automatic notifications of updates
  • You are and stay always well informed
  • Having fun developing new solutions
  • Transparency for the developers

QENTA Payments shop extension solutions

All online shop systems and matching shop extensions at a glance

In order to be able to easily implement the payment interface in your shop system, QENTA Payment offers free shop extensions that are continuously updated. This enables you to easily and quickly integrate payment methods such as Visa, Mastercard, PayPal and many other payment methods.

The shop extensions for payment interfaces are also freely available as open source software in our Online Documentation and on GitHub.

Or are you just starting out in e-commerce and are still looking for the right shop system for your business idea? Click on the individual shop systems to find out about the advantages and disadvantages.


Any questions? We will be happy to answer them by email or phone.

Shop Extensions

Our payment plugins for all common online shop systems

WooCommerce Shop Extension - Payment Plugin


WooCommerce Payment Extension

The WordPress WooCommerce Shop Extension is available as a WooCommerce Payment Plugin:

QPAY Checkout Page
QMORE Checkout Seamless


Magento Shop Extension - Payment Plugin

Magento 2

Magento Shop Payment Extension

The Magento 2 Shop Extension is available as Magento Payment Plugin:

QPAY Checkout Page
QMORE Checkout Seamless

PrestaShop Shop Extension - Payment Plugin


PrestaShop Payment Extension

The PrestaShop Shop Extension is available as PrestaShop Payment Plugin:

QPAY Checkout Page

Gambio Logo - QENTA Plugin


Gambio Payment Extension

The Gambio Shop Extension is available as Gambio Payment Plugin:

QPAY Checkout Page

OpenCart Shop Extension - Payment Plugin


OpenCart Payment Extension

The OpenCart Shop Extension will be available soon as OpenCart Payment Plugin:

QPAY Checkout Page

Shopware Shop Extension - Payment Plugin


Shopware Payment Extension

The Shopware Shop Extension will be available soon as Shopware Payment Plugin:

QPAY Checkout Page
QMORE Checkout Seamless

VirtueMart Shop Extension - Payment Plugin


VirtueMart Payment Extension

The VirtueMart Shop Extension will be available soon as Shopware Payment Plugin:

QPAY Checkout Page

Payment Plugins

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