Secure handling of sensitive data

QMore Checkout Seamless means direct and flexible integration for your online store.


  • Payment data is entered directly into the online shop
  • Entry fields can be embedded into existing forms
  • Merchants are not required to meet PCI compliance requirements
  • One interface for all payment methods
  • Entry of card data and authorisation can take place at separate times

QMore Checkout Seamless Factsheet


PCI-compliant payment pages usually have to be embedded with iFrame and are therefore connected via redirects, resulting in compromises having to be made in terms of shop design and conversion rates falling. QMore Checkout Seamless can prevent all of this: QENTA offers e-commerce merchants a connection to the QENTA payment platform, which their customers are unaware of. Merchants fully outsource the transfer and storage of sensitive data – the data is not transmitted to the merchant throughout the entire payment process. QMore Checkout Seamless permits all payment methods from the QENTA portfolio to be accepted and the payment page complies with PCI DSS standards. QMore Checkout Seamless therefore offers merchants far-reaching benefits, such as cost efficiency, thanks to PCI compliance and stable conversion rates. 

Progress of a transaction:

  1. The merchant offers the consumer a credit card form.
  2. The consumer enters the card data and the data is transmitted to QENTA – a process that goes unnoticed by the consumer.
  3. QENTA sends back confirmation that the card data has been entered.
  4. Transmission of the entry form to the merchant without card number.
  5. From now on, the merchant only uses the reference on the stored card number for authorizations and never receives a card number in plain text.


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