Payment Plugin for WordPress (WooCommerce)

The Payment Plugin solution for WooCommerce – The WordPress Onlineshop, ideal for beginners

Set up your own online shop with WordPress & the QENTA WooCommerce Payment Plugin

WooCommerce is a free online shop extension for WordPress and is managed directly in its admin area. The extensive shop can be expanded and customized with additional free and chargeable extensions.

The software is especially suitable for beginners, as the administration and creation of the individual products is very easy. The structure of the backend is clear and easy to understand. Articles can be easily added and managed. Many templates for all common industries are available to the administrator.

The functionality of the shop includes, for example, vouchers, guest orders, product reviews, upselling and special offers. In addition, a statistics function is integrated which, with the help of the analysis function, provides information on inventory, sales and average daily turnover.

In order to be able to adapt WooCommerce to the respective market, there are individual extensions. For example, the legal requirements can be adapted.

Search engine optimization (SEO) and WordPress: Here WooCommerce offers extensions with which the search engine ranking can be improved. Furthermore, the pages load very quickly, the products are displayed immediately after being called up, which also contributes to a good ranking.


WooCommerce is ideal for beginners who are already familiar with WordPress and who have had initial experience with it. Due to the fact that there is no connection to a merchandise management system, WooCommerce is only partially suitable for larger online shops. The integration of the QENTA payment solution is quick and easy, thanks to the QENTA Paymant plugin for WordPress WooCommerce.

Facts about WooCommerce from WordPress

Pros of WooCommerce

  • Simple administration, therefore also highly recommended for beginners
  • Free software
  • Easy installation in WordPress
  • Extensions available
  • High functionality
  • Free QENTA Shop Extension as a payment plugin for WooCommerce

Cons of WooCommerce

  • Article upload is limited
  • Bound to WordPress
  • No interface to the inventory control system

Integration of QENTA WooCommerce Payment Plugin

The integration of the QENTA payment solution is quick and uncomplicated thanks to the QENTA Payment Plugin for WooCommerce.

Vorteile des WordPress Payment Plugins:

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