Integrate payment methods in your Magento online shop with the Magento Payment Plugin

Magento 2 – The popular shop software for SMEs and corporations

The popular shop system came onto the market as the successor to Magento 1 at the end of 2015 and is updated about every three months. Like its predecessor, the Magento 2 web shop software offers many options for process automation in order to link merchandise management, delivery or SAP systems with the online shop.

Magento 2 is characterized by improved loading times, state-of-the-art architecture and new technologies such as improved scalability, better performance and some relief for retailers. Equipped with all the functions of the first community version, the new development of the Magento platform also boasts additional features from the Enterprise Edition.

To make things easier for shop operators, the software can be updated more cheaply and more quickly and extensions such as the QENTA Payment Plugin can be easily installed in the backend, for which no Magento expert is required.

Conclusion: The Magento 2 shop system is well suited for SMEs or larger companies, both B2B and B2C, who rely on flexibility, want to connect external third-party systems (e.g. CRM tool) and value a self-selected infrastructure. The integration of the QENTA payment solution is quick and easy thanks to the QENTA Shop Extension.

Facts about Magento 2

Pros of Magento 2

  • Scalable for large and rapidly growing companies
  • Free open source version or paid commerce version
  • Not suitable for beginners
  • Custom design tools
  • Many options for configuration and customization
  • Free QENTA Shop Extension
  • More orders can be processed
  • Improved scalability (multiple administrators possible, integrated full page cache)
  • Performance optimization and integrated analysis tool Marketing & conversion tools (voucher codes, newsletter management, etc.)
  • Optimized ordering process (one-step checkout)
  • SEO friendly Security center

Cons of Magento 2

  • Expensiv
  • Not suitable for small product ranges
  • Programming skills or agency required


Magento Payment integration

The integration of the QENTA payment solution is quick and uncomplicated thanks to the QENTA Shop Extension: Magento Payment Plugin. 

  • Optimally adapted to the respective interface / payment solution
  • Free usage based on open source: Shop Extension for Payment Page
  • Ongoing maintenance and updates
  • Easy Installation of the Payment Modul via the Magnet interface  and extensive configuration options
  • One-Click Checkout for an easier payment process
  • All follow-up operations such as booking or refunding can be carried out within the online shop
  • National and international cashless payment methods
  • Connection to risk management of QENTA


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